Green Initiative
Madison Coffee and Vending, LLC. is doing its part to look at our impact on our environment. We are all trying to “Help” save our environment in any way we can.

Here are some of the things we are doing to help at Madison Coffee and Vending, LLC.

Our solutions take ordinary tap water and filter it using state of the art technology. This reduces the need for wasted bottles of water and the resources it takes to delivery it to you.

LED lighting is available in our vending machines as well as timers.

We use “Oxygen” whitened coffee filters in lieu of the bleached filters.

Fair Trade coffee is available for purchase, helping the farmers get paid fair wages.

All of our cardboard from the vending products are broken down and recycled.

Instead of throwing away our short dated food items, we donate them to the “Community Action Coalition” program, helping people in need to have a meal.